A Toast to Your Significant Other!? :D #Handpainted Wine Glasses

I'm an old romantic at heart! I am. But, to be honest, I generally get annoyed at all of the expensive gifts and cards in the shops over Valentine's Day. Jacked up prices for everything and you're left feeling conned out of your money!

Yep, I prefer the personal touch :) Like my hubby running a lovely bath for me with the candles on or a nice meal and a glass of wine.

I love the idea of something made (just for me) and that’s why I have decided to run a glass painting workshop in readiness for Valentine’s Day.

Why not create a personal glass for your loved one? Make it special, something they will know has been made just for them, and by You? Watch their face as they smile knowing that you have gone to so much trouble to make a gift just for them.

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Hayley x