Staying Creative During Lockdown?

Well well well.... hasn't it been a weird few months!? 

I hope you are all staying safe, protecting lives and wearing a face mask!? :D   

Here at COAG we have been staying very creative over the lockdown!  Not only have we been creating some fabulous new glass sets, but I also put my hand into making a lovely mosaic table with some gorgeous glittery resin.  I have to say.... I loved it!!!

What have you guys been doing during lockdown? 

The table did start off with the idea of being a cheap fix of a current glass table we have for the garden, but it actually ended up costing far too much hahaha.... well.... you can't put a price on the enjoyment I had making it can you!? :D 

Anyway, stay in touch.... don't forget we're here!  We can happily make your home even more beautiful with some matching glass sets for your perfect dining table!

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Stay creative! Hx